Like our clients, Alpha Project Solutions is not only concerned about the bottom line, but the impact that we make on the world with our decisions and actions. Our team builds seamless and scalable Organizational Systems that bridge the gap between idea and implementation.

We know that dedicated people are needed to make good systems work. This is why our hand-curated coaches, consultants, and trainers deliver cutting-edge leadership development and team building training that will move your team forward. Also, we offer one-on-one executive coaching for leaders who want an ally to support their advancement.

Our innovative A6 Strategic Intervention Model assists nonprofit organizations, grantmaking, and government agencies with a quality process for Organizational Development and program implementation to successfully execute their objectives and make their vision a sustainable success.

“Our client is the driver. We work to accelerate your vision bringing passion, and expert-level resources to the table.” - Patty Oji, Nonprofit Visionary


Your Success Is Our Business

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Our values guide how we serve our clients and the community while elevating organizational leaders to higher levels of conscious practice and effectiveness.



  • We take business ethics seriously and all our decisions are based on honesty and integrity
  • We act as a strategic ally in building YOUR success and vision for the world
  • We invest in innovation work to bring the best resources to our clients

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  • We employ a relationship-based approach to build trust with you
  • We work with you, step-by-step, in a context of safety and confidentiality
  • We act as your trusted advisor to support long-term growth and sustainability

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  • We learn our client’s organizational culture, current needs, and long-term trajectory
  • We understand, support, and respect your leadership style and philosophy
  • We combine content-matter expertise with leadership experience to empower you

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  • We pursue solutions that focus on attaining your targeted outcomes
  • We use evidence-based approaches that measure results against industry best practices
  • We employ a quality approach to make real-time improvements for optimal outcomes

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  • We support improved operations and implement valuable initiatives
  • We help you build capacity by integrating knowledge, skills, and aptitudes developed during engagement
  • We transition the work to you to continue the process of growth and institutionalize gains

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  • We celebrate the power of diversity and inclusion
  • We value and encourage voices of the underrepresented
  • We believe in justice and equity


A6 Methodology


A6 Strategic Intervention Model

  • A6 is a strategic intervention model designed to improve organizational performance through systems development.
  • A6 integrates Transformational Coaching, Targeting Consulting, and customized Training to Implementation with the organization’s mission, strategic goals, program data, and proposed outcomes.
  • A6 encompasses a continuum of evidence-based strategic interventions to create solutions that sustain program improvement and develop key organizational systems.



 Our Team


The Alpha Project Solutions team are experts in strategic planning, leadership development and management systems, coaching, project management, finance, education, and communications.

Meet Our Founders



Nonprofit Visionary

“Having had a diversity of experiences, including career positions, consulting and business ownership, I know first-hand how powerful good systems and good leadership are.”
- Patty Oji, Nonprofit Visionary

Born in the great city of Chicago, IL, Patty has over fifteen years of experience working with nonprofit and private sector organizations as a senior consultant, lead project manager, and trusted advisor. She has worked with executive leadership and line staff across a variety of industries including: Education, Human Services, and Healthcare, successfully executing small and large initiatives in every stage: from planning to implementation to institutionalizing work processes.

Patty values organizational development and building leadership at every level of the organization. She emphasizes the importance of empowering employees with a strong organizational culture. Building this type of culture requires training, support, and accountability.

Adding value to society is important to her, whether it is with a for-profit or non-profit organization. All of her clients contribute to the economy in a way that directly impacts their employees, customers, local communities, and stakeholders across the country.


Her passion extends into her personal life through active participation in her faith community, mentoring, and advocating on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children. She has been married to her best friend for fifteen years and is the mother of three precious children.


Degrees & Certifications:

BA (The University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign)

MPA (Roosevelt University)

The Leadership Circle Profile

Trained Transformational and Team Coach


Professional Associations:

American Society of Public Administration

Institute of Coaching

Project Management Institute

International Coaching Federation, Chicago Chapter


Director of Finance

“Business is powerful and multidimensional. Each business is its’ own community. If each individual and each business works to meet its goals the impact improves economies across communities and the world.” - Alpha O. Oji, Co-founder and Director of Finance

A veteran of United States armed forces, Alpha learned firsthand that the heart of leadership is the ability to build relationships and be of service. His military experience shaped his mission-driven approach, discipline, proactivity, and strong management systems.

With over twenty years of experience in both the public and private sectors, Alpha Oji is a Finance and Accounting expert, including recent experience as an international tax accountant specializing in foreign and cross-border payments.

Alpha uses financial measures and fiscal operations to advance organizational missions and support profitability. Business figures are essential data measures useful for everything from baseline planning, forecasting performance, informing next steps, and identifying business values.

Alpha assists clients to identify areas of growth, and guides them to invest in technology that facilitates work processes to support organizational performance.

Outside of work, Alpha loves spending time with his family, participating in activities for his local church, and watching soccer.



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