Alpha Project Solutions

Developing Leadership & Innovation at ALL Levels

As your ally and trusted advisor during every step of our engagement, we are  dedicated to adapting innovative approaches and practices that will help your organization achieve their goals and establish a sustainable and thriving long-term trajectory.


Our track record, with non-profit and mission-driven organizations, allows us to understand the complexity of being both publicly and privately funded, and having to manage multiple regulations and requirements.


If you want to:


  • Build stronger teams and organizational culture
  • Grow and expand your organization’s outreach and improve its impact
  • Develop new programs
  • Strengthen operating systems and develop strategies
  • Develop long-term sustainability in your industry
  • Improve leadership capacity


Our continuous investment in ongoing research, development, and training will bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to go.  




Strong leadership develops strong organizational systems & teams. Our innovative consulting programs
provide solutions in these areas:


Perhaps the #1 concern that our clients express at the beginning of each engagement involves sustainability issues. Generally, these concerns fall under two categories. First, they are worried about acquiring adequate resources and funding to fuel their operations and systems. Second, they want to get the word out about their services.


And while raising money and delivering services are essential functions of mission-based organizations, long-term strategic planning is truly the key element to creating a sustainable organization. With 15+ years of experience, working with non-profit and mission-based organizations, Alpha’s consultants know firsthand how to create long term strategies that will keep your organization sustainable.

Project Management

Project Management is the lifeblood of many mission-based organizations. With a limited budget, and intricate compliance requirements, it is crucial to have a clear definition of why each project is a necessary to bringing your organization’s mission to life.


For successful project implementation and completion, it is crucial to know each requirement for project completion, establishing specific deliverables, and having accurate estimates of project timelines and budgets are crucial for maximizing resources, and moving forward in an efficient and sustainable manner.


Alpha has a proven track record helping non-profit and mission-based organization with project management needs. Bring in a trusted and proven project management consultant team today.   

Complexity Management

With a complex organizational model, being both publicly and privately funded, inside of a complex environment, with varying compliance requirements, it can be more than a handful to keep up with and match both the current and future environment of your organization’s field.


An average of 20+ years of experience, our team members have seen and dealt with it all, from meeting multiple funder requirements, client needs, staff needs, lack of capable staff members and capacity, working with exceedingly low overhead, and having to comply with unfunded mandates.


We have helped non-profit and mission-based organizations allocate labor and manage workloads, continually adjust strategy and processes, mitigate and manage risks, hire and retain staff, and engage volunteers and paid staff to work together to build a sustainable organization that carries out its mission.

Board Development & Governance

To be sustainable and grow, an organization needs to find qualified and committed board members. This can be challenging, since many capable candidates rarely have the time to be fully committed to serving in an effective manner. And candidates who may be available, may not have sufficient experience to help the organization achieve their goals and realize their vision.


Not only does Alpha help organizations enlist qualified and committed board members, we also help ensure that board members are actively participating and steering the organization by attending board meetings regularly, and are involved with with fundraising efforts and special events.

Evaluation & Assessment

It can be challenging to truly evaluate how well an organization is operating, especially when there are many processes and systems that do not have tangible, bottom-line goals to measure progress. Check-box accountability only goes so far, and often overlooks key insights or gets ignored once the list is checked off.   


Members of the Alpha Team ask the questions that lead to positive changes and progress, such as:


  • 'What was the intent?'
  • 'How many services were performed?'
  • 'What was the outcome of the service versus the intended outcome?'
  • 'What are the lessons learned and related improvements?'
  • 'What works and what needs to change?'
  • 'Who is impacted?'
  • 'Which voices are needed at the table?'
  • 'What are the other variables?'


These questions, and more, enable us to show you what’s really working now, and how to improve moving forward. Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s what you’re able to learn, that makes the difference between success and failure when building a sustainable mission-based organization.

Change Management

Has your organization “always done it that way”? If “that way” works, great. But what about when it doesn’t work anymore?


More and more, in a constantly changing and complex environment, “that way” of doing things tends to stop working. More pressure is now placed on leaders to think “outside-the-box” to find creative solutions to issues and guide the organization towards innovation and evolution.


Without proper guidance, ambitious leaders can risk taking on too many new initiatives before acquiring sufficient resources to fund them.


The Alpha Team has guided many organizations through changes of environment, both internal and external.  






We provide services including: Training, Coaching, Leadership Development, Project Management, and Staff Augmentation.


Team Training- There are many things to take into account when training a team: the current organizational culture, how a team learns and the ways that management will implement changes throughout the organization. In addition, Head Start programs manage federal regulations. Head Start Performance Standards, local requirements and those of other programs in collaboration models.


Not only do we identify opportunities, we prioritize what needs to be changed, so all of the different parts of the organization can move cohesively and coherently towards the new vision. In addition to training for organizational success, the Alpha tea has expertise across Head Start content areas including: New Head Start Performance Standards, Management Systems, ERSEA, Fiscal, Education, and Federal Monitoring Reviews, Data Use and Integration, etc.


Team Coaching- Every successful team needs a strong relationship foundation as well as a commitment to individual and collective performance. In our Team Coaching program, we coach Team Members to excel by building alignment, improving communication, resolving conflict, strengthening mutual respect and understanding, and building resilience. These changes result in improved performance and better experiences for staff as well the children, parents, and community served. With a focus on developing these core team skills, there is a noticeable increase in team performance and team satisfaction. Increasing these factors also correlate with reducing staff turnover.


Executive Coaching- Effective organizational development needs effective executive leadership. Not only does a strong leader build quality systems, they inspire and support everyone in an organization to do what needs to be done to make the organization’s mission and vision come to life by investing in their staff.

Strong leaders, however, aren’t easily available. In fact, strong leaders are often developed.

Emerging leaders accelerate their development and build their capacity to perform with guidance and insight of an experienced, trusted advisor.

Current leaders always need an objective perspective from an outside resource, someone who will not be afraid to ask the “hard questions” about how the day to day operations of an organization and challenge their belief systems in service maximizing the leader’s potential.

Not only does asking these “hard questions” help leaders develop emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and relationship-based intelligence, they also cultivate performance management skills, such as developing a strong organizational culture aligned to mission, building strong and invested teams, aligning members of the workforce to understand how their individual efforts help bring the organization’s vision to life, building integrated organizational and employee systems and competencies, providing consistent and effective feedback to improve employee performance, enrolling and building partnerships with stakeholders, and overall better results for the organization.

Great leaders can only be as great as the investments made in their development.


Leadership Development- Alpha team members are certified in the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP).


The LCP is a model for creative and effective leadership, a framework for leadership development and a suite of assessment tools. It is valid and reliable because it is based on research and evidence.


LCP is the only instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains: Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies — and integrates this information so that key opportunities for development immediately rise to the surface.


What’s unique about the LCP is it reveals each leader’s Operating System: the internal assumptions (beliefs) that influences behavior. This allows a manager to see how their inner thoughts translate into a productive or unproductive styles of leadership. Ultimately, the LCP increases inner-awareness to make outward behavior more positive and productive.


Project Management- Effective Project Management is the backbone of every mission-driven organization. Initiating projects, planning for time and cost, planning for risks, best communication practices, change control, and executing the project closeout phase.


Staff Augmentation- Finding and on-boarding the right staff, whether for a short-term or long-term project/program, is the difference between success and failure in a Head Start program or grantee’s effort to bring Head Start’s mission to life.


There are questions you need to ask before putting together a staff for a project:


  • Do the senior leaders at your firm understand exactly how every department operates?
  • Can leadership communicate to staff the importance of project initiatives and goals?
  • Are there training programs to ensure that new and current staff members are aligned?
  • Are your internal processes capable of handling the transition between new and current staff?


Trying to answer these questions can be overwhelming.


Don’t worry, Alpha Project Solutions has the answers you need.


Not only does our team understand the complexities and nuances of mission-based Head Start organizations. We have experience finding and filling in the gaps of organizations and communicating with leaders, staff of various content areas, board of directors and parent/community stakeholders. Our objective position within the program serves a perfect liaison between incoming and current staff members.


Why Staff Augmentation?


There are many benefits to employing Staff Augmentation. Here are some of the top reasons:


  • Cost Effective


Staff Augmentation is more cost effective than hiring recruiters to search for candidates, conducts interviews, and create internal programs to develop skills. It also reduces the costs and liabilities that are present when hiring full-time employees.


  • Specific Specialization


For certain projects, a specific skill-set may be needed that generally does not fit your organization’s full-time needs. Thus, it would be inefficient to create a full-time position for this role.


Staff Augmentation allows you to bring in someone with specialized skills for a task that is specific to a particular project. You can bring in an expert, one who is an expert and can bring in an outside, objective perspective, since they are not a full-time staff member.


  • Mitigate Risk


When a new project is presented, many risks get created. Your current staff may worry that their position could be threatened, especially if the project requires tasks that involve skills that are outside of their normal scope of work. This could lead to attrition.


But you can counteract attrition with Staff Augmentation. When a few outside individuals with specialized skill sets are brought in for a project, this will create a more stable environment for members of your current staff. This will allow everyone in your organization to adjust and adapt to the new processes for the project, since they won’t feel like their standing within the organization is threatened, and can concentrate on being productive. Alpha also works to transfer capacity and knowledge to the client.


  • Organizational Flexibility


Staff Augmentation can increase behavioral flexibility in your organization, creating more options for your decisions makers. This saves both time and money for your organization since it becomes easier manage team members to match the specific needs of a project, including particular needs for a one-time project.


These benefits can allow your organization to focus on tasks, like process development, that impact your organization’s long-term trajectory.