Head Start services remain a vital window of opportunity for underrepresented children and families. In this changing landscape, with increased funding uncertainty, even more stringent program requirements, and a shift from compliance-based monitoring to performance-based requirements, Head Start’s mission is more vital than ever. We stand in agreement with NHSA’s declaration that:

“Head Start is the most important social and educational investment in children, families, and communities that the United States has ever undertaken.” 

Consulting for Head Start Programs

Alpha has provided consulting services to Head Start services for over 15 years. Our team of expert consultants have dealt with just about every imaginable situation or challenge, and have been able to provide solutions that deal with the specific challenges that Head Start programs face on a day-to-day basis.





Federal Review Preparation:

Your staff works daily to engage children in high-quality early learning experiences through evidence-based curriculum, nurturing and developmentally appropriate practices, partnering with parents and community stakeholders, providing essential health/wellness services and supports for family self-sufficiency. You know this work, you do this work, you love this work. Yet, that is not enough when it comes to a federal review or audit.

A federal review requires extensive preparation to not only demonstrate evidence but to also articulate that all aspects and all systems of your program are in full compliance. The stakes are high as we have witnessed quality programs go into DRS or lose their grants on technicalities or other avoidable issues. For years, Alpha Project Solutions has successfully been a strategic ally to grantees and programs facing a federal review. Let us partner with you to bring our expertise and support for comprehensive review readiness.






Team Coaching, Training, and Project Management

Alpha Project Solutions take every aspect of what it takes to train and develop teams with our Team Training services.We help you make reflective practice a reality.

Team Training- There are many things to take into account when training a team: the current organizational culture, how a team learns, and the ways that management will implement changes throughout the organization. In addition, Head Start programs manage federal regulations, Head Start Performance Standards, local requirements and those of other programs in collaboration models.

Not only do we identify opportunities, we prioritize what needs to be changed, so all of the different parts of the organization can move cohesively and coherently towards the new vision. In addition to training for organizational success, the Alpha team has expertise across Head Start content areas including: New Head Start Performance Standards, Management Systems, ERSEA, Fiscal, Education, and Federal Monitoring Reviews, Data Use and Integration, etc.

Team Coaching- Every successful team needs strong strong relationship as well as a commitment to individual and collective performance.

In our Team Coaching program, we coach Team Members to excel by building alignment, improving communication, resolving conflict, strengthening mutual respect and understanding, and building resilience. These changes result in improved performance and better experiences for staff as well the children, parents, and community served.

With a focus on developing these core team skills, there is a noticeable increase in team performance and team satisfaction. Increasing these factors also correlate with reducing staff turnover.

Project Management - Effective Project Management is the backbone of every mission-driven organization.

Initiating projects, planning for time and cost, planning for risks, best communication practices, change control, and executing the project closeout phase.


Executive Transformational Coaching & Leadership Development

Effective organizational development needs effective executive leadership. Not only does a strong leader build quality systems, they inspire and support everyone in an organization to do what needs to be done to make the organization’s mission and vision come to life by investing in their staff.

Strong leaders, however, aren’t easily available. In fact, strong leaders are often developed.

Emerging leaders accelerate their development and build their capacity to perform with guidance and insight of an experienced, trusted advisor.

Current leaders always need an objective perspective from an outside resource, someone who will not be afraid to ask the “hard questions” about how the day to day operations of an organization and challenge their belief systems in service maximizing the leader’s potential.

Not only does asking these “hard questions” help leaders develop emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and relationship-based intelligence, they also cultivate performance management skills, such as developing a strong organizational culture aligned to mission, building strong and invested teams, aligning members of the workforce to understand how their individual efforts help bring the organization’s vision to life, building integrated organizational and employee systems and competencies, providing consistent and effective feedback to improve employee performance, enrolling and building partnerships with stakeholders, and overall better results for the organization.

Great leaders can only be as great as the investments made in their development, especially the coaching and training that they receive.

Sample Content Areas

  • Federal Review Preparation
  • Introduction to new Head Start Performance Standards
  • Data Use and Integration
  • Parent, Family & Community Engagement
  • Management and Supervision
  • Strategic Planning
  • Self-Assessment
  • Community Assessment
  • Board Development & Governance
  • Fiscal: Uniform Guidance, Cost Principles, Sub- recipient monitoring, Fiscal Accountability
  • Classroom Assessment and Scoring System (CLASS)
  • Curriculum
  • Integrated Services
  • Reflective Practice
  • Trauma-informed practices
  • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity